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Justifying Your EBITDA

Apr 01, 2022
All too often a business owner decides to sell, only to learn a number of harsh realities. For example, oftentimes [more]
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The Complexities of Valuations

Mar 26, 2022
A lot of training and experience goes into good valuations. A variety of complex factors are involved. Plus, there [more]
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What Do Buyers Really Want?

Mar 19, 2022
When sellers get ready to put their businesses on the market, they often wonder what buyers are really looking for [more]
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No Replacement for Experience

Mar 12, 2022
When it comes time to sell your business and sign on the dotted line, you only have one opportunity to get it right [more]
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An Overview of Goodwill in Business Deals

Mar 05, 2022
Many business owners don’t understand the concept of goodwill or how to calculate it. When a buyer is willing to pa [more]
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How to Get Ready to Sell Your Business

Mar 01, 2022
You may have heard the advice, “the best time to prepare to sell is when you start your business.” While this state [more]
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The Importance of Employee Happiness

Feb 19, 2022
Everyone knows that good employees are important for a thriving business. That’s why there has been so much emphasi [more]
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Leases: Key Considerations That Can Make or ...

Feb 12, 2022
Are you selling a business that involves a lease? If so, this will be a factor that has significance to a buyer whe [more]
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What Should You Expect from Term Sheets?

Feb 05, 2022
If you’re selling your business, at some point you’ll likely be presented with a term sheet. As the name suggests, [more]
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Is Your Deal Really Done?

Jan 29, 2022
Once you get to the stage of your deal where you have a signed letter of intent, you may already be feeling a sense [more]
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